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Why Science Says 6 Hours of Sleep Isn’t Enough for Entrepreneurs

Why Science Says 6 Hours of Sleep Isn’t Enough for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you may “burn the midnight oil” or brag about catching just a few hours of sleep because your work is so impressive and all-consuming. That isn’t sustainable, of course. Deep down you know it’s best to get more than just a few hours of sleep. Maybe you’d be surprised to discover just how much more shut-eye you truly need.

It turns out that even those who get six hours each night aren’t doing much to further their cause. It may take a bit more to get the real restorative benefits that a truly restful slumber provides.

Although anywhere from six to eight hours has long-been considered a magic bullet range for rest, scientific research suggests something else. For better physical health, mental clarity and emotional well-being, entrepreneurs simply need more sleep each night, no matter how great they feel.

Why sleep matters

The American Thoracic Society has some of the more recent relevant research on this topic. It notes that sleep is necessary to help our bodies take care of a lot of vital, fundamental work. This includes forming memories, repairing muscles, and releasing important hormones that control appetite and growth. Sleep is a restorative process, helping with everything from recovering from a cold to bouncing back from injury.

The effect of too little sleep

Meanwhile, take sleep away — even as little as an hour — and risk of physical, mental and emotional issues climb, says the International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology. Insufficient sleep results in increased risk of obesity, injuries, accidents, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, depression and many chronic illnesses. And especially important for entrepreneurs, lack of sleep can also negatively affect productivity, alertness and reaction time. 

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