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Top skin patches for healthcare: Leading companies

Top skin patches for healthcare: Leading companies

Traditional skin patches have been used for routine medical purposes including fixation of medical devices, simple drug release, and wound management. However, traditional medical patches are bulkier and wire-laden The often require conductive gels, tapes, and mechanical clamps. These can hinder patient compliance, limiting their use over extended time periods.

This is a space that has been calling out for innovation. It has generated significant attention from investors and researchers over the past five years.

GlobalData expects that miniaturisation and lower costs of development will be important. This is because it will create a surge for wearable sensors in healthcare, resulting in significant market growth. Currently, leaders in the space include small companies such as iRhythm, based in San Francisco. iRhythm has launched its Zio single-use patch to monitor heart rhythms for up to 14 days remotely.

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