Karis 360

Karis 360

Karis360 helps policyholders save on out-of-pocket expenses, in finding doctors, assist in searching and comparing facilities, providers, and prescription cost, as well as many other services. Karis360 offers 3 services to policyholders.
Karis Bill Negotiator

  • Works directly with healthcare providers to help reduce out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Negotiates directly with providers and collection agencies to try and reduce medical bill balances.
  • Works with providers to develop payment plans.

Karis Healthcare Navigator

  • Provides each member a personal, expert adviser to address healthcare-related questions and concerns
  • Services include, but are not limited to: physician and health care facility searches, prescription cost search, health cost estimates, alternative medicine, laboratory and imaging services, health care solutions and appointment scheduling.

Karis Surgery Saver

  • Helps members when a non-emergency surgical procedure is being considered.
  • Specialized advisers provide cost, quality and availability comparisons of up to 5 facilities in the area.

Karis360 is not insurance and does not provide funds to pay for bills. This is a best-efforts service and results can not be guaranteed.
Listed above is an added sponsored benefit and is not part of the policy.
There is a $5.00 monthly administration fee for Teladoc & Karis360 services. (Not included in Child Only Policy)