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Amazon Makes Healthcare Buy As Its Plans Start to Take Shape

Amazon Makes Healthcare Buy As Its Plans Start to Take Shape

In what is its first healthcare-related acquisition since spending $753 million in June 2018 to acquire PillPack, (NASDAQ:AMZN) inked a deal to buy Health Navigator, a start-up that provides digital triage tools and symptom lookup. The value of the deal was not disclosed.

Amazon intends to offer Health Navigator services to its employees, shedding further light on where the e-commerce giant is heading in the healthcare market.

In late October, Amazon confirmed it purchased Health Navigator, telling CNBC it will fold it into Amazon Care, its new employee healthcare benefit that gives users access to virtual doctors and nurses. The idea is to leverage technology so employees can access healthcare providers in a manner that’s convenient and at a lower cost. In addition to accessing virtual doctors and nurses, Amazon Care users (currently limited to employees in the Seattle area) can fill prescriptions through the e-commerce giant and choose between having them delivered or picked up at a participating pharmacy. By providing healthcare services to its employee base Amazon gets to test the waters and make fixes before the program is offered to a wider market. That serves to keep costs down and prevent it from making missteps on a large scale basis.  Read more about Amazon Care on the Motley Fool website at:

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